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FodderTech is a leading edge agriculture company specializing in sprouting systems that grow FRESH sprouts that offer a uniquely nutritious feed for livestock.

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Using highly developed growing techniques, FodderTech systems sprout grain to lush, harvestable grass in just seven days

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"In effect we have an almost instant provision of irrigation we can turn on at will to buffer us against the ups and downs of normal seasons, as well as the worst drought. It is a very secure feeling."

-A FodderTech Customer

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  • $60 to $80 per ton of feed
  • Fully scalable systems
  • Mold Guard



  • 98% reduction in water usage
  • 99% reduction in land usage
  • Up to 70% reduction in carbon footprint
  • 50% reduction in feed cost
  • 50% higher fertility

Welcome to the future of farming!

FodderTech hydroponic fodder system technology is the most advanced sprouting system on the market.

Why choose FodderTech?

FodderTech's advanced hydroponic systems help you meet the rigorous demands of 21st century farming. Our systems are designed to help your operation to flourish in an increasingly challenging environment.
Very low water use. Our system recovers and recirculates water for a 98% water reduction. Mold Guard. Moldy feed can cause sickness and lost production. Our system is designed to reduce and prevent outbreaks of mold.
Lowest labor requirements. The unique construction of our system allows for the easy collection of mature fodder resulting in lower labor costs. Durability. Fodder systems must operate in a damp environment. We construct our systems in the USA of durable, corrosion-free materials.

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