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Feed Cows for $60 – $100 per ton

Feeding sprouts can offer significant savings over feeding grain or hay. The cost of sprouts comes to as little as $0.03 – $0.05 per lb. The rising cost of corn, alfalfa, and grain is making feedging dairy cows more difficult.

Corn is becoming a fuel to the point that dairymen can’t afford to feed it to cows anymore. I think sprouts will be the dairy industry’s new feed. – US dairyman using sprouts


dairy cowsFeeding FodderTech Sprouts to Dairy Cows

FodderTech recommends a number of feed programs. Speak to a representative to learn how to best incorporate sprouts into your dairy’s feed ration.

Nutritional Advantages of Sprouts

Feeding sprouts to dairy cattle offers very dramatic advantages including:

  • Lower feed costs per cow
  • Increased revenue per CWT
  • Higher milk volumes
  • Dramatically increased fertility rates
  • Substantially lower involuntary cull rate
  • Better coat shine and condition
  • Greatly improved herd health
  • Reduced need for mineral supplements

Dairy Feeding Results

A US Dairyman started incorporating sprouts into his ration in 2010. Despite not being able to feed more than 1% body weight as sprouts, he reported the following results:

Dairy Profitability

  • 21% Increase in revenue per CWT
  • 18% Lower feed cost per cow
  • 17% Increase in milk revenue: feed cost ratio

Animal Response, Health, and Reproduction

  • 100% Higher conception rate (28% vs. 14%)
  • 85% conception rate one month (20 of 23 cows innoculated on 1st attempt)
  • 75% Lower involuntary cull rate (4% vs. 16%)
  • Virtually eliminated acidosis and laminitis
  • Eliminated veterinary bills
  • No longer use of any copper sulfate

The cows are calmer, have shinier coats, and LOVE the sprouts!