Feed Horses for as little as $1 per day

Hydroponic horse feed is not only better for your horses’ health, but it is more affordable than hay, alfalfa cubes, or other dry feeds. Grow sprouts for as little as $0.03 – $0.05 per lb. With today’s rising cost of animal feed, start saving on your horse feed today.

Feeding Sprouts to Horses

Fresh sprouts grown in a FodderTech system offer nutritional advantages for horses. Horses are grazing animals. Adding fresh grass to horses helps them to better health and performance.

Advantages of Sprouts

Feeding sprouts to horses offers:

  • Better performance in race horses
  • Improved coat and general appearance
  • Lower feed bills
  • Less incidence of colic and gut ulcers
  • Lower vet costs
  • Gentler, calmer animals
  • Faster recovery after exertion

Horse Owner Testimonials

Here is what horse owner’s incorporating sprouts are saying about FodderTech sprouts:

Within a couple of weeks the FodderTech sprouts gave them back their top line, a healthy shine to their coats, filled them up, and completed their vitamin and mineral requirements – with correct equine analysis and balancing. We have reduced our feed bill by 60%. Every one of our horses looks forward to eating the Fodder. I recommend that all horse owners, especially performance horses, seriously consider giving their horses fresh sprouts every day. The superb digestibility of the FodderTech sprouts helps to significantly reduce colic and ulcers. The lack of dust from dry feed in turn helps with the respiration and will reduce vet bills.

– Jill Harris, Spanish Bit Riding School

Research with Horses

Race horses were fed sprouts over the course of a 3 month trial. Here was the response of derby horses consuming FodderTech sprouts:

  • 87% increase in herd placing (8% – 15%)
  • Youngest horse the herd had ever had place in a race

Sprouts were not grown for a few weeks (sick operator) and the placing had an immediate reduction down to just 7%. Once the system was put back into operation the placings returned up to 15% for the herd.

We can say with a high degree of credibility that after being fed with our sprouting fodder… the win and place ratio was better than ever before. In my opinion the system provided by FodderTech is the best and safest growing method when it comes to feeding valuable horses.

– Brian Rowe, Licensed Race horse trainer for 25 years