Feeding Sprouts to Pigs

Fresh sprouts grown in a FodderTech system offer nutritional advantages for swine. Pigs perform very well when eating fresh, green sprouts. FodderTech sprouting system allow users to supply appropriate volumes of fresh, spring grass shoots to their pigs for optimal performance.

Advantages of Sprouts

Feeding sprouts to pigs offers very dramatic advantages including:

  • Faster weight gain
  • Lower feed costs
  • Reduced back fat, incresae marbling
  • Increased fertility
  • Heavier, longer lactations
  • Improved health and reduced vet bills

Pig Owner Testimonial

A pastured, organic pig farmer used modest amounts of barley sprouts over a 2 year period. Here are the results:

  • 10% greater daily weight gain
  • 50% – 67% lower feed cost
  • 50% reduced back fat
  • Reported ‘dark/marbled meat – not light pink’
  • Larger litters, heavier lactations

A California Hobby farmer feeding sprouts to two penned hogs reports:

The first thing that we noticed is that feeding sprouts helped heal severe foot problems. Next, the hogs at our farm weighted 20% more than their siblings from a another farm who did not use sprouts. This was the BEST pork that I have ever eaten!

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