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A Safer Way to Feed

Despite the incredible potential for fodder as a superior and economical animal feed, it has always been a challenge to grow fodder without mold or mildew.  In many cases, mold has made reliable, large-scale fodder production impossible.  Many farming operations with fodder production systems have resorted to the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals to reduce mold growth.  This can negatively impact seed yield as well as the health of your animals.

FodderTech has developed the ONLY sprouting system available that prevents mold from growing in sprouts.  Our systems grow fodder mold-free without the use of harmful chemicals. All FodderTech designs come complete with a MOLD FREE GUARANTEE.

The Problem: Mold and Mildew

  • 1 ton of grain comes with 100 billion mold spores
  • Sprouts and mold grow in a warm, wet environment
  • Many molds are toxic to livestock and humans
  • Mold control has limited the use of sprouts as a livestock feed
  • Chlorine, iodine, and other mold-controlling chemicals can cause damage to enzymes in the sprouts, animals consuming the sprouts, and humans who consume animal’s milk and meat

The Solution: System Design, Process and Materials

FodderTech spent 10 years developing a sprouting system that successfully prevents mold.  Traditionally, fodder systems have relied on pre-soaking grains in a bleach solution or some other chemical bath prior to sprouting, or misting growing fodder with a diluted bleach solution.  Our approach is multifaceted, organic and safe, but does not require additional time and labor on your part.  Mold prevention requires:

  • Quality materials and system design
  • Grain preparation using FodderTech developed materials and techniques
  • Reliable climate control and ventilation
  • Advanced growing techniques

100% Money Back Mold Free Guarantee

All FodderTech systems come with a MOLD FREE GUARANTEE. The guarantee ensures that if FodderTech technicians cannot sprout mold free in your system without using strong chemicals, then your money back. See the ‘Mold Free Warranty’ for terms and conditions about the program.

Why Buy a FodderTech Hydroponic Fodder System?

A fodder system, whether you build it yourself, or buy it from a fodder system manufacturer, represents a substantial investment.  Don’t risk you investment.  A FodderTech system is a proven and tested hydroponic fodder which allows you to grow mold-free fodder right from the start.  In addition, our yields per pound of grain are among the highest in the industry.  High yields combined with no production lost to mold means substantial savings in ongoing operating costs compared to other fodder systems.

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