Additional Savings

Land, energy, and equipment savings

There are savings and increased revenue to be made from incorporating a FodderTech system into a farm. Land, energry, and equipment costs can be reduced or eliminated:


  • Expand herd without purchasing additional land
  • Redeploy land for other revenue generating crops
  • Install Sprouting system on non-productive land
  • Fencing and equipment maintenance reduced


  • Reduce energy used to pump water
  • Reduce fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals


Reduce need for;

  • Planting equipment
  • Harvesting equipment
  • Storage facilities
  • Transportation from harvest to storage facilities

From a land footprint perspective the FodderTech system is unbeatable. No spraying of weeds on the property, no fencing, no extra council rates, no road maintenance, and the product is extremely waterwise

Lower vets bills

Other savings can be generated from better herd health. FodderTech sprouts can dramatically improve the health of livestock. Owners of the FodderTech system have reported:

  • Significantly higher conception rates
  • Dramatic reductions in involuntary cull rates
  • Reduction in colic and ulcers in equine
  • Virtually eliminated acidosis and laminitis in dairy cows