Additional Reductions

Indirect Environmental Reductions

FodderTech systems offer additional positive impacts to the environment that are less direct. These include:

Reduced Labor

Labor requirement to harvest, sow, and maintain the FodderTech sprouting systems is around 1 hours per ton per day. With access inside the building and specialized equipment, labor times can be drastically reduced.

Pesticide free and Organic Grain

FodderTech systems use a nutrient mix which contains no pesticides. Organic grain is available. The production of fodder inside a controlled environment removes the need for chemical spraying common to outdoor agriculture.

Dust free environment

The absence of dust during our production process means less respiratory problems for both animals and human workers alike.

Reduction of methane production in cows and sheep

It has been well documented that cows are responsible for the production of approximately 18% of the worlds green house gas CH4 or methane. One of the reasons for this is the constant chewing of the cud and the belching associated with digestion. Feeding highly digestible sprouts grown in a FodderTech system to cows and sheep will speed up digestion. It is theorized that this would in turn reduce the volume that is regurgitated and associated with methane production.