FodderTech sprouts can dramatically improve the profitability of a farmer or breeder of most animal types. With the rising cost of grain, corn, and alfalfa FodderTech can show you how feeding sprouts will reduce costs to operate a farm enough to pay for the equipment necessary to sprout.

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Nutritional benefits

Sprouts are affordable to feed. Even still they are a premium feed that offer unique advantages to many animals. Most nutritional benefits to animals will result in increased revenue for the farm:

Meat – Beef, poultry, pork, fish, etc

  • Faster weight gain – faster finishing – cycle herd faster
  • Increased fertility – larger litters
  • Lower feed bill
  • Better marbling and quality – higher resale value
  • Lower feed cost per lb of gain
  • Improved heath, lower vet bills
  • Heavier, longer lactations
  • More and higher quality eggs


  • Higher milk volumes
  • Higher butterfat totals
  • Lower feed costs
  • Increase in milk revenue totals
  • Increased fertility – fewer replacements
  • Improved herd health & longevitiy
  • Reduced involuntary culls

Fibers, wool

  • Heavier coat
  • Shinier coat
  • Improved quality of wool
  • Higher fertility
  • Less teeth wear
  • Fewer Parasites

Grass Fed and Organic

Sprouting converts cereal grain into cereal grasses. Talk to a FodderTech specialist to learn about how to sprout organically. Supply premium quality, all-natural grass fed, or organic products by switching feeding systems to FodderTech sprouts. The sprouts offer an all natural, extremely healthy formula that will result in marketability in niche industries.