Beef Cows

Feed Cows for $60 – $100 per ton

Feeding sprouts is more affordable than feeding grain or hay. Sprouts can be grown for as little as $0.03 – $0.05 per lb. Start saving on your feed bill with FodderTech.

Feeding FodderTech Sprouts to Beef Cows

Fresh sprouts grown in a FodderTech system offer nutritional advantages for beef cattle. FodderTech sprouts enable the digestive system of ruminants to process food much more efficiently than grain. Growing sprouts in a FodderTech system gives access to fresh grass year round regardless of the weather.

Feeding sprouts to beef cows offers benefits including:

  • Fast, natural weight gain
  • Helps to drought proof a farm
  • Produce a consistent feed for consistent flavor
  • Increase enzymatic activity in cows
  • Reduce feed costs
  • Natural hormones, amino acids, omega 3, beta-carotenes, and other beneficial substances

Advantages Feeding Sprouts

Feeding sprouts to beef cattle has been observed to cause:

  • Better marbling in meat
  • Increased fertility rates
  • Improved coat shine and body condition
  • Excellent herd health and well being
  • Decreased mortality rates

Beef Feeding Results

A herd of 100 pasture-based friesian bulls were tested in a third-party, controlled feeding trial over a 12 week period. 50 cows were fed hay, pasture, and grain while 50 cows were fed hay, pasture, and sprouts. Here are the results from the sprout fed group:

  • 41% Faster daily weight gain
  • 27% Lower feed cost per lb of gain
  • 23% Less dry matter consumed
  • 0% annualized cull rate vs. 17%


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A California beef grower reported the following ‘We were paid $2 per lb live weight for sprout fed steers vs. $0.90 per lb for siblings that did not receive sprouts.’