Organic Sprouting Systems

Organics and sprouting

The FodderTech designs are environmentally intelligent, green, and extremely efficient for growing commercial volumes of feed. A FodderTech sprouting system is an effective tool for organic farms.
Sprouting cereal grains can be done in accordance with the organics program of the US. If you would like to use a FodderTech sprouting system for growing organic sprouts, a list of pre-tested OMRI certified products can be used. Livestock owner incorporating organic sprouting into their feed ration must adhere to all applicable organic livestock feeding rules.

Environmentally Intelligent

Growing fresh, GREEN sprouts with a FodderTech system is consistent with the spirit of the organic program. Organic sprouts can offer more animals access to green feed to encourage natural livestock development and performance.
Growing sprouts in a FodderTech sprouting system uses up to 99% less land, 98% less water, & 50% less energy than conventional farming practices, all while reducing transportation costs in feed.
There may be some restrictions to use of strong chemicals for mold & mildew control. The FodderTech sprouting system does not use any strong chemicals to control mold & mildew. Instead we use quality materials and advanced growing instructions to preventmold from growing.