Sprouts grown in a FodderTech System are a highly nutritious source of animal feed. Sprouts are best incorporated into a feed as a concentrate, grain replacement, hay replacement, or supplement. Call a FodderTech representative to discuss incorporating sprouts into your feed today.

Many of the advantages of sprouts come only when they are fed fresh. Since sprouts are fed year round, they are considered a ‘living feed’. Advantages that come from the animals having access to sprouts include:

  • High digestibility
  • Vitamins & mineral saturation
  • Phytate reduction for pH normalization
  • Enzymatic activity increase
  • Omega 3, amino acids, natural hormones

Digestibility – TDN

Sprouts are around 90% digestible which is very high. Grains are around 40% digestible.

The increased digestibility of fresh sprouts improve digestion and absorption while using less energy. This in turn enables animals to use the energy for such activities as milk production, reproduction, weight gain, and waste management.

Vitamins and Minerals

Sprouts are saturated with vitamins and minerals. Sprouts are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. There is 10 – 20 times more vitamins than in grain. The minerals that an animal needs in it’s diet are complimented nicely by the sprouts.

Rumen pH

Rumen pH is critical in dairy and other ruminants. An acidic environment will tie up minerals making them unavailable to the animal. Likewise, microbial life (such as enzyems and good bacteria) cannot thrive in an acidic environment. Grain comes littered with phytates. Phytates produce acidic conditions in the rumen. So, feeding grain limits the amount of available minerals to the animal while putting stress on microbial life.

Sprouting grains in the FodderTech System means that you wash the phytates out of the feed. This in turn causes the pH of the rumen to normalize. Minerals are more available and microbial life has the proper pH to thrive.

A Living Feed: Microbial life

Enzyems aid in digestion. If microbial life has the proper conditions to thrive then it will grow exponentially in the rumen. Strongenzymatic activity dramatically improves digestion which means that the animal uses less energy to digest feeds. The net energy gain that results helps generate increased performance and health.

Omega 3s, Amino Acids, and More

(Coming Soon)

What people are saying about sprouts

“The cows are calmer, have shinier coats, and love the sprouts!” – US Dairyman, name not provided
Animal response, health, appearance, and reproduction systems all respond well when introducing FodderTech’s fresh, green sprouts into feeding practices.
“The results were better than we could have ever expected” – Graeme Harris, rabbit farmer
This vibrant feed is saturated with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals. The enzymes, clorophylls, and many of the beneficial components of this living feed are heat sensitive and would not be available in dry feeds.

Back to Basics

Over thousands of years cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and many other livestock animal have thrived in the spring because they have access to tender, young shoots from cereal grains. Start providing year round spring grasses to your livestock now.